– Are pets allowed?

Yes – we require a $500 non-refundable pet fee. We have a 2 pet maximum and breed restrictions for dogs.

– Are there any apartments available for immediate move in?

Immediate move in is subject to current availability.

– How do I terminate my lease?

Tenants are responsible for the full lease terms unless the lease is taken over by a new tenant. All military personnel will sign a military clause which will allow them to terminate their lease with a 30 day notice and official military orders.

– If I move out of my apartment, will I get my deposit back?

Your deposit will first be used toward damages and outstanding rent. A check for the remaining security deposit will then be refunded.

– What do I do if I lost my apartment key?

Stop by the leasing office during business hours. For after hours service,  call us at (315) 686-1059.

– How long is my lease?

Leases are generally 12 months; please refer to your current lease agreement.

– How do I pay my rent?

Rent can be paid to your leasing office with an in-state check or money order. We also now accept credit cards and online payments though this website. Now paying your rent is easier than ever!

– Can I be mailed a housing information packet?

Absolutely. Feel free to call or send us a request.

– How do I apply for an apartment?

The easiest way is to apply online! You may also call or visit our offices for a paper application. An application must be returned with all the necessary documents and application fee to the leasing office.

– What are the prices for housing?

Prices are subject to change. Please contact the leasing office for current rents.

– What are your office hours?

All offices are open Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. with the exception of holidays and some Saturdays.

– Is there maintenance after hours?

Yes – we have on-call maintenance for after hours emergencies. Please call us if you have an emergency request.

– Do you have laundry facilities?

Yes – all units have washer and dryer hookups within the the apartment. Washer and dryer rentals are available for $50/month.

– Do the units have garages?

Yes – and better yet, garages are free! Garden apartments have detached garages; townhomes have attached garages.

– What is included in my rent?

Water, sewer, snow removal, lawn care, on-site property management and maintenance, 24-hour emergency services, and trash removal (+$20/month).

– How much is the security deposit?

The security deposit varies dependent on the prospect’s credit check. The deposit is refundable upon move-out, providing there is no money owed and is dependent on the condition of the apartment/townhome.

– I have received orders to relocate! What do I do now?

Bring a copy of your orders to the office. From there, you’ll sign a notice to vacate the apartment. Please call 315-686-1059 with further questions.

– How far away is Lonsway Hill from Fort Drum?

Lonsway Hill is only 30.4 miles away from Fort Drum!

– Do we need renter’s insurance? How much is it?

All residents must obtain and provide documentation of renter’s insurance before taking possession of an apartment or townhome. Management cannot issue keys to an apartment until a current copy of renter’s insurance is provided and all policies have been met. The monetary value of renter’s insurance is dependent on where it is obtained through. Please call 315-686-1059 with any questions.

– Can I come see a unit?

Yes – you can come and see a unit during normal business hours. Our hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00AM – 5:30PM and the first and third Saturday of each month from 10:00AM – 3:00PM, or by appointment.

– Do you have any current specials going on?

Please call (315) 686-1059 to learn learn about any current specials.

– Do you have furnished units?

Please call (315) 686-1059 to learn more about furnished units.

– How close are you to shopping centers?

Salmon Run Mall is only 26 miles away. Click here for a detailed list of stores and services……………